With this training course, we seek to improve patients’ quality of life by incorporating the Nursing Touch into daily routines. Improving the quality of care and the relationships between patients and their caregivers should be the priority of every institution.
Humanising care, establishing relationships of trust and providing simple and effective tools for caregivers will enable them to better manage the demands of their patients’ daily life.
Developed in France at the request of industry health professionals, the Nursing Touch® is intended for therapists and healthcare professionals who wish to improve the support they give to their patients.
The Nursing Touch® is an ideal technique to meet the many difficulties encountered in different services: addictology (treating addiction), Alzheimer's Disease, oncology, obstetrics, disability services, the elderly, palliative care and home support services.
This technique can be integrated, in just a few minutes, into the daily care program or used immediately in cases of acute pain.
For natural health practitioners (naturopath, sophrologist, osteopath, etc.), the Nursing Touch® is a complementary tool for your clientele. This gentle touch technique will help you build a relationship of trust. Through its interaction on the skin receptors, you will provide pain relief.



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